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In January 2010, four reporters from America's National Public Radio bought a share in one of the mortgage backed securities that came to be known as a toxic asset. They did this to give their listeners a greater understanding of the causes of the credit crunch.


The headline video gives a potted history of the housing crisis and the decline that ultimately lead to the death of their purchased asset.

The following link lets you see on a month by month basis, beginning December 2006 up to the collapse of the asset in September 2010, how the failure of people's mortgages ultimately led to the failure of the financial instruments that banks had over invested in in the years leading up to the credit crunch.


Over the course of the asset's decline, the reporters spoke to various people who had contributed to the asset's initial value and ultimate collapse. The story encompasses tales of optimism, sorrow, greed and fraud; illustrating the real complexity of the whole appalling affair.

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